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Shipping Policy


  • By placing an order on our website, you represent to us you are at least 21 years old and the person to whom you are directing the delivery is at least 21 years old.
  • All wine shipments will require an adult signature at the time of delivery from someone who is a minimum of 21 years old.
  • We recommend shipping to a business address when possible. UPS delivers to commercial addresses earlier than residential addresses and there is more likely to be someone present to sign for the delivery.
  • We are unable to ship to P.O. boxes.
  • Please email us at if you have any special requests regarding the delivery of your order.
  • If your wine is not successfully delivered and is returned to us, we will contact you to arrange re-shipment. Please note that if your wine is returned to us, you may be charged the shipping cost required to re-deliver the package.
  • International Shipping: If you live outside of the United States and would like to have our wine shipped to you. Please conduct us at to discuss availability and options.


  • Our primary carrier is UPS. We can ship via FedEx or GLS upon request.
  • Carriers will make three delivery attempts before returning the package to us. If you know you will not be available to sign for the delivery, or if you receive a notice of a missed delivery attempt, please reach out directly to the carrier service or to us at
  • If you do need to make a change to the delivery. You may be able to do one of three things. Please note that any one of these may incur additional delivery charges.
    • 1. Change the Delivery Date
    • 2. Change the Delivery Address
    • 3. Arrange to pick the package up at a local facility (Note: packages are only held for 5 days).


  • We do not ship wine via UPS Ground in extreme temperatures, either hot or cold. You may elect to ship the wine via an express service or to have the order held until weather permits safe Ground shipping.
  • We will make every effort to ensure that your package is not subjected to weather extremes, however we cannot foresee some weather conditions. If you feel you have received a damaged bottle, please contact us immediately. 
  • When temperatures across the country are near or below freezing OR when temperatures across the country are above 75 degrees, we evaluate safe shipping methods depending on our local temperatures, the temperature the wine will experience in transit, and the destination temperatures.


  • Please enter your desired gift message into the gift message field at order entry and we will include a handwritten card with your message to the recipient.
  • We cannot ship wine as a surprise gift as all wine shipments require the signature of someone over 21 years of age.
  • If you are placing a gift order, we ask that you communicate with the recipient to let them know that they will be receiving a package that will require a signature upon delivery.
  • If possible, please provide an email address for the recipient, so that we can send the package tracking information to them as well.


  • We do not ship to the following states:
    • Arkansas – Only orders placed in person in our Tasting Room can be shipped to Arkansas
    • Delaware
    • Kentucky
    • Mississippi
    • Rhode Island - Only orders placed in person in our Tasting Room can be shipped to Rhode Island
    • Utah
  • Florida - Direct shipping is prohibited to Lafayette & Liberty Counties.
  • Michigan, a copy of your government-issued photo ID is needed to complete your order as Michigan has a strict age verification requirement.
  • New Hampshire - Direct shipping is prohibited to Ellsworth.
  • Vermont - Direct shipping is prohibited to the Cities of Baltimore, Athens, Holland, and Maidstone.